With a lineage of 29 years and status as a, Public School and Junior College,  Green Valley seeks to remain at the forefront of education in Rayagada District, Orissa . A long-standing best ethical School in Orissa it is situated in a noise-free, air pollution-free and traffic-free green location. Its roots lie in the progressive educational theory of the late nineteenth century and the Founder’s non-conventional approach to education which is based on the belief that children should enjoy schooling and understand the world around them.

Ethos of the School

The school values the traditions that have contributed to its success in the past while embracing the opportunities offered by the future. The students talents, efforts, and achievements are rewarded in an environment that fosters mutual respect, personal integrity and a strong sense of self-worth. True to its motto, “Arise, Shine”, the school adheres to a code of conduct based on self-discipline and responsibility to oneself and others

Reputation of Green Valley

To quote Harvey Mackay “You can’t buy a good reputation, you must earn it.” Green Valley has certainly earned this through 29 years of proven and successful experience in building students’ lives and careers. We have built up a reputation for discipline and academics. 

“Green Valley is a school of choice, a school with academic reputation,” say our parents. “Green Valley offers unique project based learning opportunities; passion projects and living history programs”,  Say our students “Green Valley is an ethical, value based school and has achieved a name for itself in promoting Spoken English,” Say the public in the neighborhood.

Student Life

Children’s needs are paramount to us and are at the heart of Green Valley Public School ar Penta discipline relies on common sense, kindness, and individual responsibility. The joy of learning and the fun of childhood exploration are shared throughout a warm school community, Every child is encouraged to try new changes in every field and do his or her best.

School life is designed and delivered by a team of very well qualified teaching and non-teaching staff who help  children  to grow and become self-sufficient adult. Green Valley offers special facilities for the delivery of its programs, through which children learn, grow and are nurtured to fly with his/her own wings.

Green Valley students/alumni maintain friendship into adult life and retain a strong affection for the school, returning with enthusiasm for functions and special occasions.

For the past 29 years, Green Valley Public School, Penta has been maintaining a charitable culture, dedicated to providing all that is the best in education for students. The school is administered by a Management Committee, under Green Valley Educational Trust.

Diversified Campus

Green Valley School is one of the best matriculation schools in Rayagada District having an all-in-one campus –Basket Ball, Cricket, Kabaddi and Volley Ball courts along with the classrooms and develops fine leaders and thinkers. The School continues to maintain its standing also as one of the finest schools in Orissa. 

Students are drawn from a very wide cultural and socio-economic background and come largely from J.K. Pur, Theruballi and Dhundhili nearby villages. The school, located close to villages is impressively situated on the State High way. It is well accessed by share autos and bus transport as well as bicycles. Its location and the spectacular “Trees and Flowers ” have given the school a mystique that has added significantly to its ethos and its standing.

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