Green valley Pre School is known as “Garden kids” It serves children from 2 1/2 through 6 years of age and is a second home for these little ones.

Why Is Green Valley Unique?

Green Valley truly has a unique environment. There are plenty of trees, gardens, playgrounds and plaza. Classrooms are well equipped and well maintained. As a vibrant School, Green Valley Pre School caters to kids from J.K. Pur and neighbouring villages.

Garden Kids Provide

  • Small Teacher-Child ratios and individualized attention.
  • Clean and safe environment.
  • Fenced play area.
  • Montessori integrated curriculum.

All these ensure that each child in Green Valley Preschool will have an opportunity to grow and develop into a bright, creative and caring individual.

Our most important aspect and what sets Garden kids as the best Preschool / Pre KG and Nursery school is how children enjoy themselves in our care. We strive to provide a home away from home where children are loved, valued and cared for. We believe it is important for toddlers to commence their early learning in our kindergarten program that gives them family care, not just classroom learning. We encourage all interested parents of to come and visit Garden Kids Preschool, to more fully understand who we are and what we do and why you would consider Garden Kids for your child.

Nursery / Toddlers

Toddlers who will be 2 1/2 years old by June are eligible for the Nursery / Toddler program.

Our Montessori, Nursery Teachers understand that the toddler program is likely the first school experience for the students and take special care to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment. Our play-based curriculum enables the children to learn to interact with kindness and respect for each other, imbibe positive attitudes toward learning, gain self-esteem and develop independence through age-appropriate hands-on learning experiences.

Pre- School/ KG Programs

Children who will be 3 ½ years old by June are eligible for our Preschool program. Our Montessori / Pre- School teachers are committed to building positive peer interactions and a strong sense of community within the classroom. This inculcates curiosity and active learning. We encourage creative expression through art and music. The program also highlights science experiments and nature study as well as field trips.

The class has a limited number of students which allows us to maintain a conducive teacher / student ratio. Each class also benefits from the presence of an assistant.


Our curriculum takes advantage of children’s natural curiosity and sense of exploration to discover all that goes on around them. We utilize all that nature has to offer, to make the child love nature and learn from it. Thus GV is an outdoors-focused school with unstructured and structured activities.

Teachers observe each child’s activities in order to tailor and expand the curriculum to meet individual needs and interests. We work very hard to preserve the innocence of childhood and to develop rich creative play in our classrooms while exposing the kids to English through songs, games and daily activities. We work with our kids side-by-side to sharpen their sensitivity, learn together and help them discover the world around them through art, music, and colors. We present a variety of stimulating activities that invite children to use their imagination and master their motor skills. We also help children to attain a sense of care and responsibility for others by caring for the school pets, planting their own garden and playing a part in making a better community for everybody to enjoy. We teach them to appreciate and respect each other’s ethnicity, social status, religion, language, and traditions. They also learn to accept specially challenged children and to assist them and learn from their strengths. Introduction to basic yoga taught by certified instructors. Your children will be introduced to simple techniques to calm themselves and be able to focus their attention on specific areas.

Lesson Plan


Materials that stimulate the senses of sight, hearing, feeling, smelling and taste are presented in special forms. We use color tablets, musical instruments, geometric solids, and spice boxes. All these lead to enrichment of discrimination and awareness


In Montessori, children are not “taught” to read and write in the traditional way. They develop these skills naturally on their own. We use sandpaper letters, metal insets, movable alphabets, language cards, Geography and Botany puzzles. These enable them to achieve the necessary skills for ease of expression, dexterity in writing and love of reading.


Montessori translates the abstract meaning of Mathematics into concrete meaningful forms. Children learn the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a challenging and exciting way.

Daily living

Children learn to perform everyday functions in a joyful, practical way, for example polishing, measuring, making etc. The children acquire motor skills and grace of movement, which leads to strong self-concepts

Art education

Art is integrated into all areas of the Montessori classroom. Hands-on activities are only one part of the art curriculum. Discussing different types of art and learning about artists are also important to the study of art as it relates to human development and culture

Parent's Responsibilities

  • To encourage their wards’ punctuality and attendance at school.
  • To show an interest in their children’s school work, progress and home-study program by checking the diary and encouraging them to complete assignments.
  • To provide a suitable learning environment at home.
  • To read all school circulars.
  • To encourage an awareness in their children of the importance of having a reasonable balance between school work, family responsibilities and other activities.
  • To ensure that the children do not skip meals, and that they are in good health

Suggestions for what parents can do at home to support their children in their learning and engagement with the school

  • Ensure your child attends school regularly
  • Encourage your child to read regularly and extensively.
  • Encourage your ward to discuss his /her schoolwork and progress
  • Ensure your child has enough sleep (9 to10 hours) and a good breakfast
  • Make medical and dental appointments, whenever possible, in the holiday period or after school
  • Assist your son/daughter in formulating a realistic and achievable study and homework timetable, ensuring there is a good balance of time for physical activity, hobbies, television, computer games, paid employment, domestic duties and social activities
  • Provide a suitable homework and study space at home that is quiet, well lit and well ventilated with adequate shelving and a desk.
  • Assist your ward in setting short term and long term study goals and consider providing rewards for achieving these
  • If no homework is set, encourage your child to undertake revision work, prepare notes for examinations or read
  • Set and enforce rules discouraging music, computer games, online chatting and the use of mobile phones and television during study and homework time .
  • Keep track of your wards’ timetable, the school calendar, homework, subjects and co-curricular requirements, through regular monitoring of your ward’s school diary
  • Discuss current issues and look at alternative viewpoints to improve reasoning; for the intellectual joy of it, encourage your child to argue counter ideas to fine-tune logic and the ability to sustain an argument intellectually rather than emotionally
  • If possible, read the English texts your son/daughter is studying and discuss the themes
  • Instill values of tolerance, compassion, sharing and equality of social class, and gender
  • Become involved with school programs.

Parents’ Posts

  • An opportunity for parents is provided to post pictures or write about their child’s / children’s achievements .

Alumni Views

  • There is a belief that schools generally prepare students for Big Universities. But Green Valley is different. “It prepared us for life”. My time at Green Valley was a life defining stage, where I learnt to discover my strengths and abilities.
  • Jeba Shalini (2016)
  • “Peaceful learning environment, good methods of teaching and a caring and loving faculty”.
  • Cyndrella (2017)
  • “The most valuable experiences I gained at my school, weren’t only from academics, but also by realizing my potential, self worth and social obligations. Overall my schooling at Green Valley was a life changing experience”.
  • Anupama (2017)
  • “Green Valley not only provides the best possible educational background, but it also teaches us to develop our skills in art, dance, public speaking and above all, it instills discipline”. 
  • Mohammed (2017)
  • “I love my school because it has cool teachers who make lessons and learning fun and a variety of extracurricular activities, School tours are exciting and we are also taught ethical and moral values”. 
  • Raghuram  (2017 Head Boy)
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