Grievance Procedure

Grievance Procedure in Green Valley Public School

Grievance procedures in Green Valley are the guidelines to be used when one has a complaint.

The procedures are:

  1. The aggrieved member brings the grievance to her / his immediate supervisor for an informal resolution.

At this stage, the supervisor should do all that he or she can to resolve the issue within 3 working days.

If the supervisor is the source of the problem, that you are being treated unfairly, in that case, it is important for the aggressed person to have a dialogue and try to get a resolution.

  1. If the supervisor cannot handle the issue, he or she may take the complaint informally to someone above and the issue should be addressed within 10 working days.
  2. Consider Mediation an option that should be considered at every stage if the resolution reaches a standstill. Usually, a mediator is brought in for two parties that have the power to settle the matter. 
  3. If the staff remains dissatisfied, he / she may then escalate the complaint to the SMC Here, the employee has to write a grievance letter or fill a grievance form and submit it to the SMC.  Employee has to write this letter within 90 days from the time when the employee became aware of the grievance. 
  4. Consider appealing at a higher level in case none of the above solutions work. If all the other procedures fail, then the employee can go to a higher external grievance body. 

At any stage of the grievance process, the employee is entitled to have representation during all situations to help present the case of the dissatisfied party. The representation can be by a fellow employee.  The school management is well within their rights to deny this request.

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