Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the finest school in Penta, Rayagada. One of the attractions of Green Valley Public School is that every day is different. Every day brings its own adventure. In your first term, much of the School life will be new and unexpected; group singing, exciting assembly, and the house system. For some of you, this may be the first time in school uniform. You have been selected from hundreds of applicants for your academic ability and commitment to success. You will find yourself in the company of like-minded, highly able boys and girls and much will be expected of you. Your teachers will be keen to test your capabilities and set you demanding challenges. The senior students of X and XII – you will need to prepare for the first formal examinations. We expect you to set yourselves challenging goals and achieve them.

We value kindness, friendliness, and courtesy very highly and you will be treated as mature and capable students. Much will be expected of your conduct as well. We want to be proud of you. We want you to be proud of Green Valley Public School as well. Green Valley prides itself on providing an education of the mind, spirit, and body. A life-changing journey awaits you. You will grow in confidence, independence and accomplishment. Grasp its opportunities and challenges with a full heart and an inquiring mind and it will change your life for the better…
Green Valley is looking forward to having you and welcoming you.

Dr. Jacob Dharmaraj  ph.D(USA)

Managing Trustee

Green Valley is committed to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment in which students can reach their full educational potential in a positive school culture that engages and supports them in their learning. Student well-being and student learning outcomes are inextricably linked, and Green Valley Public School aims to promote an understanding of this link in both the school environment and in the classroom. It is recognized that all teachers are vital sources of support and are determinants in the success of their students.

P.K. Samal, M.A.   Administrator

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