The Principal, of Green Valley is the pedagogical leader who orchestrates the long term and short term academic and experiential pedagogical plan for holistic development of students and professional capacity building for teachers. Considering the multi- stakeholder involvement a Pedagogical Plan Committee is set up at Green Valley School to gain perspectives and expertise for a strong pedagogy.

Pedagogical Plan Committee (PPC)

Mr. Surjya Narayana Hotta – Convener / Principal

Ms. Gayatri Mohanty . –  Member KG Department

Ms. Rekha Guptha – Member Primary Department

Mr. Chandrakanth Giri – Member Secondary School Department

Mrs. Sicily Joseph –  Member Pre Primary Department

Goals to be achieved

Annual Goals for the academic year 2019-20:To maintain academic rigor while the focus being on teaching the child and not the subject alone. They are 

  1. Teach the competencies through the subjects.
  2. Integrating subject topics across grades for inter-disciplinary learning and hands on experiential learning to actively engage the child.
  3. Focus is to be not just on completion of subject but subject understanding.
  4. Defined learning outcomes and competencies for each subject. 

Implementation strategies for the Annual Pedagogical Plan: 

  1. Teachers to create Integrated Active and experiential lesson plans and unit plans across subjects and grade levels and get it approved by the Principal and PPC
  2.  Each Lesson plan to include detailed Lesson objectives, Learning outcomes and competencies, Pedagogical strategies and resources.
  3.  Walkthroughs (Classroom observation) by Principal and Coordinator daily  to continuously monitor the implementation of these lessons
  4.  Regular student feedback and exit slips every month / Quarter.
  5.  Consistent formative assessments in the form of Art integrated projects, exhibits, Role plays, Theatre and drama, Paper writing etc. to understand gaps in learning of the students.


 Teacher Capacity building and Professional Development workshops to include: Hands on workshops on active and experiential learning, learning outcome-based lesson plans

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